Let's see...

Let's see...  

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Any improvement that make the race more living:

- dynamic day time change (like in Project C.A.R.S. series - a lot of immersion!), possibility to set race begin time, race duration (time/laps)

- dynamic weather change, possibility to set weather manually/random/real


- ability to choose AI opponents bikes (same, engine type, mass, perhaps, other characteristics) (for example, i want to race against V-engine bikes with X cylinders, not heavier than XXX Kg). Perhaps, its unnecessary due to to not wide list of bikes...

- reverse track configurations

Here, we face that we don't know what already implemented in game at this moment. What is configurable, what is not...

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Posted : 30/12/2019 5:09 pm
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Estaria genial ademas de las camaras de repeticion base , pudieras editarlas como en assetto corsa con el mod camtools 2 , añadiendo temblor y seguimiento al gusto , parece una tonteria pero unas camaras de tv bien echas hacen maravillas al ver un replay 

viendo el ultimo video sobre accidentes realistas ya seria el remate final que el mono de el pilto se dañara tras un accidente (arañazos visuales)

sacar ya un acceso temprano para que podamos comprarlo y disfrutar de lo que se a visto jajajaj 

Posted : 05/04/2020 2:01 pm

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